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Michael Hassett – Noah

Noah – what did he get for his faith? One hundred years of suffering. Here was a man with a family to raise, farming everything

Mis experiencias en Stuttgart

Un poco de mis experiencias en Stuttgart – Segunda Guerra Mundial   Pauline Schnitzer   (Fecha desconocida)   Nota: Gestapo = Policía Secreta alemana  

Morris Grovum – Tree of Life

Genesis 3.9, the Lord asked Adam and Eve a question, “Where are you?”  This is a good question and that is what God is asking

My Testimony – Fred Skalitzky

For some time I have contemplated putting my testimony in writing, but things higher on the priority list have always prevented me. But during this

Nelson Printz – Funeral – 1943

NELSON G. PRINTZ FUNERAL Born:  October 3, 1943 in Chili, South America to Leslie and Lydia Printz Died:  July 17, 1993 Funeral on July 21,


Noah was a son of rest; he found grace in the eyes of the Lord; he was the exception. Noah was preserving truth. The situation

Noah – Speaker Unknown

Noah walked with God. When we look at little children, sometimes we see they walk like their parents; when we think of the walk of

Noah – Speaker Unknown

We’ve had a wonderful convention here and I don’t see how you could improve upon it.  Suppose that Noah could come up on this platform,

Noah (Gathered Thoughts)

(Gathered Thoughts) Noah hid himself in the ark in God’s provision; God’s provision is the pattern that is our safety. The ark was not built

Nova Scotia History – 1906

In 1906, the first workers came to Nova Scotia. George Johnson and Tom McGivern crossed over from the Old Country at the same time as

Our Lord’s Family

Who am I? * I am a member of the noblest and greatest family of whom part is in Heaven and the other part on

Out of the Shame (poem)

Out of the shame of my coward heart, Out of my night of defeat; Lift me again to the battle, O Lord, Cover my bitter

Paul Lyon – Return of Christ

Twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew, regarding His coming again.  I certainly don’t feel I have all the answers, but there are a number of things here. 

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