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John Wegter – 60 Questions

This sheet lists a number of questions you may be asked by people curious about your faith. In the interest of always being prepared to

John Wegter – Restoration

Galatians 6:1-2, “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently… Carry each other’s burdens, and in this

John Wegter – Song of Solomon

Psalms 45:2, “You are the most excellent of men and Your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed You forever.” The writer

Just One Day Too Late – 2016

Recently, a lady was admitted to hospital with a liver complaint. A couple days later her, liver had failed completely. Her only hope of survival

Karen Lund – Fresh Bread

Hymn 171, Break Thou the bread of life   I must say that I did have some thoughts for this meeting but by Friday, they

Karen Sykes – Work in Paraguay

Carsonville, Michigan – Tuesday Night Meeting, 2007   Carsonville is special to me because it was here that I settled it in my heart to

Karen Voll – Unity

For several weeks, I’ve appreciated thinking about a little remark that was made among us at Ponchatoula convention. It was this, that “unity amongst us

Kathy Glazebrook – The Golden Hour

Apopka, Florida – 2013   We have been singing about one little hour, and I’ve been thinking about an expression they have about something being

Keep On! Keep Strong! (Hymn)

This hymn was dedicated to the Friends in the Ukraine, circa 2022. Performed by Braden Pihrag and Jocelyn Radom, brother and sister from Saskatchewan. Braden

Keith – Earthquake -2005

Dear All,   We feel greatly indebted to the large number of folks around the world who have sent e-mails or phoned since the devastating

Keith Olsen – Monday

July 25, 2011   We had very helpful special meetings. Everything went well but, in the end, our elder Uncle Keith Olsen went to Sri

Ken Paginton – Noah

The first altar mentioned in the Bible is the altar that Noah built when he came out of the ark. There was a lot that

Larry Stephens – Borders

Our Bible studies here in Scandinavia lately have been in Joshua; this week it was chapters 18 and 19. It’s pretty “dry” reading, in one

Larry Stephens – Grace

I have been enjoying hymn 236, “My heart o’erflows with praise to God alway…” Every verse speaks about the grace of God and what it

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