thoughts passed on from workers in Vietnam – c. 2023

When something is planned and we are included in it, it means more to us. Good for us to think of what God has planned for us in Christ. Your influence is negative or positive, never neutral. A man who walks with God always gets to his destination. The purposes of God are sometimes delayed, but never abandoned. The Kingdom of God is the only Kingdom the world has ever known where the King has made Himself servant of all. Matth. 20; 25-28. Phil. 2: 5-11. It is the only Kingdom where the King is willing to impartially share His wealth with every citizen. 2.Cor.8:9. Rev.3:18. It is the only Kingdom where the King is willing to share His life and power with His subjects. John.10:10, Ephes. 1:18-20. It is the only Kingdom where the King Himself is willing to share His home and His throne with His subjects. John. 1:1-3, Rev. 3:20-21. Mal. 3:3. Malachi uses the word “sit” because he knows this work of purifying a life, takes a full span of that life. It is not the work of a moment. To purify silver it is heated and the dross shimmering with beautiful colours rises to the top. But the refiner knows that in spite of the beauty, it is only dross and throws it away. Sometimes it takes the heat of being misunderstood, or frustrated, or wrongly treated or falsely accused etc. to bring the dross to the surface. But such an experience is all for the betterment of a life submitted to His will.


2 Sam.22 and Ps.18. A time of victory in David’s life. Victory over Saul and his own human nature. Only when we are under God’s control we can have victory. 2 Cor. 6:4-10. Marks that prove if we are God’s servants or not. It takes faith to believe God hears our prayers. It takes faith to fall into the ground and die, that fruit may abound. To die before there is any evidence of any fruit seen. The Psalmist said; “Thy Word have I hid in my heart! A good place for it. It will always be with us to guide and control. Those of the world will not value it, but to us it is a priceless treasure. None of us are in the family of God without the fulfilment of John.3. Which speaks of the need of being born again. The one in John 12 about the corn of wheat having to fall into the ground and die is so important in our experience too. Being born again is only the beginning and just as we had to obey God’s voice to receive that new life in the beginning, we have to obey His voice and die to ourselves every day that the divine life might grow and increase. John 5:1 Jesus was doing this Himself and manifesting that new life as He just completely obeyed His Father’s Will. II Cor.II:3. Paul feared that as the serpent beguiled Eve, so also could their minds be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. The serpent has poison in his head, and he has a split tongue. He speaks some truth, but he mixes it with lies, he mixes good with evil. Some say there is good in T.V. gives news etc., but it also sows wrong seeds, false doctrine, wrong thoughts etc., that poison people’s minds. The serpent can kill with his tongue. Surely makes one long to have more of the true simplicity of Christ in our lives; more of that pure doctrine, keeping humble, simple and sincere in our daily living, that satan would have nothing in us. We need to keep the door of our heart. Watching that nothing of envy, jealousy, strife, pride or any of those things would enter in and rob us of the treasures God gives us.


Correction is the avenue to perfection. One inventor said he owed his success to those who had criticized and corrected him. We need to make a list of our weights. Many of these weights are not bad things at all, just things that take up our time. Martha was careful and troubled about many things. Cumbered is carrying a burden more than we should have to. Was letting things come into her life that took too much time and kept her from the best. Fear lest we would get so taken up with serving the Lord, what we do for Him, that we don’t have time for Him to do a work in us.. One thing that won’t be taken from us is what we get when we sit at Chrits’s feet. When the children of Israel were travelling from Egypt to the promised land, they always had to look to the cloud to see if it was lifted or if it had settled on the Tabernacle and to act accordingly. This speaks of the constancy that is required of us and a readiness to do just what-ever the Lord would ask of us. If long in any place, they would have to bear in mind that what they made or gathered around them that they couldn’t take it on the journey with them and they would have to leave it behind. Is not this how we should live from day to day? Always keeping in mind that we are not here to stay and that the things of this life that we gather around us cannot be taken with us. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Sometimes we may feel the “red lights” are against us, but they are for our safety. Our safety depends on waiting for God’s counsel.