Thoughts from India Convention – 2023

You can tell the size of a person by the size of the things that upset him.

Nothing so dangerous as to want our own way.

Submission is the greatest lesson to learn.

The greatest danger is setting our course by the standards of others.

Let us not be upset by little things.

One resolution I have made is to rise above little things.

We must keep our words within the bounds of our example so the Lord can bless them and make them effective.

Joy is the echo of God’s life within.

Death will only separate us from what we must leave behind.

God is grieved when things are allowed into our lives, our spirit, our relationship with each other that mars fellowship, hinders progress, impoverishes us eternally.

The unguarded moments bring Eternal loss.

Because of giving up something of earth, we get something of worth.

Get in touch with God by Knee Mail.

True greatness is made manifest by our willingness to serve.

Ask yourself often how I can do better today.

One step does not take us far, but it sets us in a direction.

The “Spirit” of God is like oil (in machinery) it stops the squeaks, stops friction, stops breakdowns and reduces wear and tear.

The reason there are so many churches is; it is easier to build a temple than to be one.

God can not work on material that is not in his hands.

The business of fault finding needs no capital, no brains and no character.