Testimonies – Okotoks Special Meeting – Morning Meeting, December 17, 2006

I’m thankful for unity and want to be willing for crushing.
The woman who broke the alabaster box of ointment did what she could, not what she should.  May the love of God prompt me to do what I can.
Why do we go to special meetings?  We are here because we can be reassured salvation is for us.  May the flame never go out.
God has answered again and again; be willing for His response.
Again, I’d like to be true to my brethren.
Peter’s speech and manner showed he’d been with Jesus; does mine?
Don’t let any opportunities go by.
Our soul is very valuable; Jesus paid the price.
God’s guiding power – thankful for those closing the door to personal things and allowing God to guide.
Feed the spirit and starve flesh; not so much talk, but walk.
Trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding.
The banana that leaves the bunch is the one that gets skinned.  Be careful who we walk with!
Teach me, believe me, lead me.  Walk in His way, not my own.
What we’ve already heard has deepened my conviction and reassured me this is the true way.
God doesn’t forget; I’m the one who forgets.
Nothing in the world is lasting, steady, and sure, but what is of God is reliable, steady, sure, and lasting.
God has created us with a weakness.  Leaning on Jesus is a mark of weakness but shows a trust in someone stronger.
Listen with the purpose of making changes.