Seoul 2 Convention Gems – 2023

There is no greater work in this world than being like Jesus.

Jesus treasured faith as small as a mustard seed.

Prayer becomes the life of Jesus. He did it with great wailing and tears.

Like the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob… He delighted in being the God of anyone.

The elderly are weak in body, but strong in love, gratitude, and faith.

The older son hated iniquity, but he didn’t learn how to love others.

Dove eyes/sounds are recorded in the Song of Songs, but I hope to see them through the eyes/sounds of pigeons.

Grateful for the privilege of bearing the yoke with Jesus.

Jesus was not shaken by people’s reactions if it was something that pleased God.

John 6. When God’s glory is displayed, it becomes a better meeting, and God’s glory is Christ in us.

It was difficult to find the Titanic at sea. God threw the repentant sins into the sea. According to the book of Revelation, there is no sea later. It is so difficult to find our sins.

The same spirit that guided Jesus leads us.

2 Chronicles 16:9 -God is not only looking at people’s present condition but also looking at the beautiful possibilities of the future.

People come first; offerings come second.

Because He lived a perfect life before He died, He was accepted as a sacrifice on the cross. The death of the people next to him on the cross was not enough to redeem us.

Ezekiel 16:63. There is no record that the blood of Jesus erases the memory of our sins. The reminder of sin makes it difficult to talk about other people’s sins. The memory of sin will last until death, but there will be no guilt.

If we do not learn to wait on God, then God waits for us if He wants us to.

Reading the Bible – until we understand how much God loves us.

It is said that the new owner pays a large price for a well-trained sheepdog. However, the sheepdog does not even know the price paid by the new owner and often goes away to the comfortable and familiar former owner. Be faithful to the new owner.