Randy Satterfield – Special Meeting Thoughts – May 10, 2020

Continuing in Joshua, I noticed it spoke about Manasseh that he had Gilead and Bashan for his inheritance because he was a man of war. I think we could say any of God’s children that would have an inheritance in this kingdom would be because they fought the good fight of faith and laid hold upon eternal life. I think of those that I know who have been faithful in the harvest field, and they have been men and women of war, they fought the battle to gain the victory not only for themselves but for God’s children.

I noticed they couldn’t entirely drive out the Canaanites in Joshua 17:12 but when they “were waxen strong,” they put them under tribute. Reminds us of our human side, and we will always have to deal with that, but we never want it to be our master, we want to be strong with the help of God and keep it as a servant.

I noticed also when the children of Joseph were wanting a larger inheritance, Joshua told them to cut down the wood and use that land for fruitfulness. I remember a pasture that had actually grown up into trees that could be harvested, and the people didn’t even realize they had timber because they were old, etc.! We could have a lot of wood, hay, and stubble in our lives that could take up a lot of territory that if we cut out would let us be more fruitful and give God the place He really deserves. It’s always the path to blessing!