Peter Zurcher – Milltown I Convention – Afternoon Meeting, Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hymn 299, “Approved by God”
Hymn 398, “Christ is Coming”
This future that we go into is an unknown future.  We do know that Christ will come though.  Will we be ready when He comes?  We can look forward to something that is certain.  We can prepare for His coming with joy and contentment and compassion. 
When God created the mountains, He created the valleys at the same time so we can see a better view from up above.  Convention shows us how to be fruitful (meetings, too) and be prepared for His coming. 
Noah received a prepared future.  Others weren’t interested and they lost it. 
God showed Abraham the off-spring, his son, and Abraham knew he would have a future.  God showed Israel the peace that was coming. (?)  We can prepare for, hope for, and look forward to. 
The Christians received the promise of the bridegroom.  With a wedding – it’s not just a wedding, but it’s the life afterwards…that eternal wedding.  The new bride – in Ephesians and Revelations – she’ll be without blemish.  The bride will be ready.  The question is will we be a part of it? 
Revelations 19:7, God showed John the precious things about the bride to come.  Our personal relationship with the bridegroom is what is important. 
Matthew 25, the bride was not there, but the 10 virgins were.  If we don’t have a light with us, then we won’t be recognized.  The virgins knew they needed more oil for the light.  This one thing is important – our name will be written in the book of light. 
Ephesians 5, this is teaching us to love the bride (like getting ready for the coming of Christ).  We have to invest in this marriage – like a marriage to God.  If you cannot find new things in the Bible, you might discover old things.  We should stop and watch the beauties along the way and not be discouraged. 
Meetings can be our life and we won’t miss them (meaning we shouldn’t miss them). 
Get ready.  Put your heart into it and we won’t miss the coming of Christ.  If we miss the little things, we’ll miss the coming of Christ and won’t be ready. 
The workers have a lot to offer for us to make a statement – a “Yes” or “No” – for when they ask if we’re ready.  What will count is whether or not Christ will know us. 
Invest more than you have to.  Invest the time our heart tells us to take.
Hymn 270, “Tomorrow’s Path”