Nicholas Adams – I Love My Master – Special Meeting Team 1 – c. 2023

Ex 21:5 “And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife and my children; I will not go out free”.

A threefold cord is not quickly broken. There were three loves binding this servant.

One of those was the love for those that depended upon him and relied on him, the children. When the tempting thought of freedom would come, he would think of his children and ponder what would happen to them? What would their future be? Children are not so able and need help with many things.

Another was his love for his wife and companion. The one he shared life with, walked together with, went through experiences with, encouraged and confided in. When considering his freedom he would lose so much fellowship.

The most important one however was the love of the Master. The one he served, obeyed and learned to please. The thought of freedom would mean separation from the one in whose employ he had known such great blessing.

Love for children is nearly automatic, love for a partner in life develops naturally, but perhaps more slowly a love for the master comes.

Because of these three loves this servant felt he would lose more than his own freedom was worth.

Love was more effective than any contract, and more binding than any chain.

Jesus had a wonderful love for those that depended on him. Those that were needy and would not find help anywhere else.

Jesus also had a wonderful love for those He shared with and walked with and had fellowship with.

Most of all, He had tremendous love for His Father, always doing what pleased Him.

At every turn, He felt, “I will not go out free,” because He valued those He loved more than His own life.