Max Bowman – Milltown II Convention – August Meeting, Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hymn 254, “I Love the Perfect Way”
Hymn 146, “Give Me Jesus” 
I leave the world and follow Jesus; it’s what we come out of.
The two sides:  Acts 3:19 – repent and be converted – Recognizing wrong and leave what is unpleasing, then being changed – being converted.  We can weed our lives and then plant God’s seed in our lives in order to grow / produce fruit. 
Genesis 12:4, the Lord spoke to Abraham to go (verses 2-3) to another land.  Promise to Abraham – coming out to where he was and go where God wanted to lead him. 
I Peter 4:1, Christ suffered in the flesh.  Deny thyself – now they live in the will of God.  We lived in those things (our own will)…that is “sufficient.”  Leave it behind…now it’s God’s will.
I Peter 2:9, a chosen generation.  Out of darkness and into light.  No mercy before, but now we do.   It’s like a highway where the centerline divides us.  The masses are coming the other direction.  But, it’s good to stay in our lane (not by the right side or gutter, nor near the center).  The safe place is to not cross that line. 
Ephesians 5:8, being children of light…and verse 11.  You were darkness – but now you’re light.  So, walk in the light and we’ll have fellowship with one another.  Abstain from fleshy lust (verse 11).  There are things we do (or have done) that only bring harm to our soul. 
II Timothy 2:21-22, see the two sides on this, also.  You can follow faithfully but you still need to flee from lusts.  Purging yourself and prepare yourself for God. 
Matthew 23:26, cleanse first from within that the outside is clean afterwards.  Being a vessel unto honor.  Fleeing = Cleansing / Following = Being Filled.  Shunning and then Aiming. 
James 4:4, friend of the world = enemy of God. 
I John 2:15,  all in world = no love in God (or be a friend of God).  The lusts of the world contaminate our lives. 
I Peter 1:4 (?), partaking of divine nature, but escaping.  Escape the fire and flood of this world and be a part of a divine nature. 
Romans 5:10 (two sides), being reconciled…cleaning the field and being saved by His seed.  The blood cleanses us, but we need to partake (saved by His life).  Being filled and coming in. 
Exodus 8:22-23, swarms of flies, but no swarms of flies…Thy people and My people. 
Ecclesiastes 10:1, contamination of the world:  Don’t let the swarming influences of this world contaminate our lives. 
Exodus 11:7, the children of Israel.  Difference between Israel and the Greeks.  Salvation will bring separation.  Reach forward…we’re His vessel. 
Leviticus 20:26 – Holy because I’m holy… severed from sins and others. 
II Corinthians 6:17-18 and Philippians 3:13.
Hymn 352, “I’ve Vowed to Be True”