Marilyn Stafford – Special Meeting Thoughts – May 10, 2020

These words have been floating through my head this week, “I know you not.” It was spoken to the five foolish after the door was shut.
In Matthew 25, the ten virgins – the five foolish would have seen the five wise with their vessels of oil and maybe even asked them why they had it. Yet within themselves, they didn’t feel the need for the extra oil. What they had was good enough. Often our human nature feels, “This won’t happen to us,” “We don’t need that,” “This is good enough,” and because of those feelings, we aren’t prepared for what comes. The bridegroom didn’t come before their oil ran out, so they weren’t there to greet him – they weren’t prepared for what was to come. Yet it seems like they all had the time to prepare. I don’t think many of us really understand how devastating it would feel to have the Bridegroom say to us, “I don’t know you.” I’m always amazed by those who don’t know or remember our face but they know us because of our spirit, because of what we love to talk about, because of what we love to sing, and because of what we love to do. It won’t be our face, our homes, our jobs, or even our friends or family that will make the Bridegroom recognize us. It will be our spirit and what our soul loves. If it is His Spirit and what His Soul also loves, that is what He will recognize. May we be faithful stewards of time.