Ken Paginton – Fellowship – Poem/Hymn


(I thank thee, Lord…..)


For those who seek to help me on my way,

Who speak my name whene’re they pray,

Who have for me a love that’s pure and true,

Who seek to show me what is right to do.


For those who seek my daily load to share,

Who have for me a true and tender care,

Whose hearts are glad when my own joy is deep.

Whose tears have flowed when I had cause to weep.


For those who sit with me at Jesus’ feet,

With whom my fellowship is pure and sweet,

Who seek to share may hopes and joys and fears,

Who spur me on to face the coming years.


For those who in the secret place, alone,

Surrender all each day before Thy throne,

Striving to lift the standard up on high,

Knowing the corn of wheat must fall and die.


For all the love that has its source in Thee,

For ties more strong that human ties could be,

For every heart in harmony with Thine,

And that can beat in sympathy with mine.


Let me be true, My Saviour, unto Thee,

And unto those who mean so much to me.

Cleansed by Thy blood, united by Thy grace,

Grant us, one day, to see Thee face to face.


by Ken Paginton