Ken Paginton – Dear Lord, We Humbly Thank Thee – Hymn

Dear Lord, we humbly thank Thee,

As nears life’s evening hour,

For all Thy grace and mercy,

Thy love and keeping power.

Upon the shadowed skyline

The clouds which now unfold

Are, by the dying sunlight,

Shot through with shafts of gold.


Life’s little day, now ending,

Has quickly passed away,

Yet sun that shone at dawning

Still gilds the closing day.

Thy promises unfailing,

In days of joy or tear,

Have been our hope and comfort

Throughout the passing years.


And now on life’s horizon,

As twilight turns to night,

The Morning Star is rising,

Eternal hope shines bright.

To God be all the glory,

To Him who gave His Son;

Through Christ, all death is conquered,

The final victory won.


**Sung to the tune of Old & New Hymn 305

**This was Ken Paginton’s last hymn. He passed away January 12, 1997.