Kathryn Smith – Nuriootpa Special Meeting

Morning Meeting, May 10, 2004


Recently we were hearing at one of the other Special Meetings about those whose hearts God had touched, and I felt we are here today because God has touched our hearts and He is wanting to touch our hearts further. He has gathered us to encourage us, to reveal to us things He is wanting to tell us and touch our hearts and a little thought that came into my thoughts this morning. Someone once mentioned about a ship and it was just mentioned that a captain didn’t condemn the ship because it was off course; he just corrected it. He simply corrected its course.


We know that correction isn’t punishment, and we are grateful that we can be here in the Spirit to be corrected, because that is what God is wanting to do for all of us. He is wanting to touch our hearts and make us more alive unto Him and then He can correct us. There is another little thought that has been in my mind.