Karyn Hazlewood – God Despises Not Any – Special Meeting Team 1 – c. 2023

Job 36:5 “Behold, God is mighty and despiseth not any: He is mighty in strength and wisdom (heart).”

Job 23:6 “Will He plead against me with His great power? No; but He would put strength in me.”

We, who are so weak and inclined to foolishness, can find ourselves so easily despising ourselves and others – thinking of or treating as worthless.

A dictionary definition of “to despise,” is “to regard with contempt, distaste, disgust, disdain; to scorn; to loathe.”

When I read the first verse above, I had to read it again, and found great comfort and direction in it. The One who is mighty in strength and wisdom, Who has every right and opportunity to despise us for and in our weakness and foolishness, despiseth not ANY. We have that assurance and comfort in His word.

Heb 11:34 ‘…out of weakness were made strong.’ We’re made to feel our need for Him, of His strength and of His wisdom. We have no strength or wisdom spiritually in or of ourselves.

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” I used to wonder at that verse, as flesh can be so strong in making its desires known and in getting its own way, but then realised that it is weak in that it can’t say ‘No’ to itself. The spirit wants to do what is right, but the flesh is too weak.

Rom 7:14-25. “…in my flesh dwelleth no good thing…how to perform that which is good I find not. Oh wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?…” Paul realised that he had no power in himself to deliver himself – he had need of God and of His power and salvation to help him.

Little children, babies in particular, are so, so dependent. They can do nothing for themselves, except to cry. They are weak and powerless. Parents don’t despise them for that, but rather, their hearts go out to them because of the greatness of their need. God’s heart is reaching out to us, to all of mankind, because of our need for Him.

As children get bigger, we hear them say ‘Me do it!’ ‘I do it myself!’ They begin to feel able and want to be independent, to do for themselves. That feeling brings a distance between them and their parents, as they seek to prove their own power and strength and ability.  In God, our Heavenly Father’s sight, no matter how strong or knowledgeable we become naturally, we’re always little children to Him, and have a great need of His strength and help and direction, guidance, judgment and wisdom. We need to feel and acknowledge it ourselves- our great need for Him – to access from Him what we need.

“From lips of babes…then make of me a little child…”

“Behold, God is mighty and despiseth not any: He is mighty in strength and wisdom.” He despiseth not ANY, not the weakest or the most foolish. Rather, He has respect for our need and is longing that we would acknowledge our need of Him, so that He can help us.

James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” He doesn’t despise us for our lack, but wants to provide what we need, and He can, as we ask of Him.

Luke 15. The prodigal son was foolish, seeking in the far country for what he felt that he was lacking. He then realised that the lack was there, in that place, away from his father’s house. “No man gave unto him.” v.17 “And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!  I will arise and go to my father…” All that he needed was with his father and in his father’s house. He came, repentant and acknowledging his sin and his need for his father. He wasn’t despised for his foolishness but was accepted and acknowledged and received as a son again.

When we admit and acknowledge our lack of strength and wisdom, then the mighty God can help us, and give us of His strength and wisdom. God, in His greatness, despiseth not any, rather He loves us all.

Jesus is the same as His Father. So often we read of those that came to Him, with all manner of disease and sickness, and He healed them all. None were beyond His love and regard, or His power to help. He knew the background and circumstances behind each one that had need of His help; the sin and situation that led to their sickness and need of healing, yet He despised not any, but loved them all and helped them all.

I am thankful for the truth of that verse “Behold, God is mighty and despiseth not any; He is mighty in strength and wisdom (heart).” It is because He has such great love for us that enables Him not to despise us, but rather desire to help us. I want to appreciate His love more and to know His help to show more of His same love to others.