Kaitlyn McKee – Special Meeting Thoughts – May 10, 2020

We studied Proverbs 9 the other day. It speaks of Wisdom calling to the simple to come in to her, forsake the foolish, and live. Later on in the chapter, it talks about a foolish woman also calling the simple to come in to her. But in the last verse, it says, “Her guests are in the depths of Hell.” Certainly not a place we want to be.


I wondered for a while what would keep the good, simple people who would want to turn in to Wisdom from going to the foolish woman as they were both calling for the simple. Then the thought came that God cares for His own.


There are many different definitions for simple. The first was: free from guile, innocent. Another was: lacking in intelligence, stupid.


We want to make sure we are the right kind of simple, the kind the Lord can work with.