John Sullivan – Christ’s Second Coming and Millennium

[John Sullivan was one of the workers who came from Ireland to Australia in the very early 1900s.]


My Dear Sister,


In answer to your letter, which I appreciate, I might say that owing to the importance of the subject, I didn’t have time to say much, that I’d like to explain as I see it. It seems to me that the Lord will come suddenly with power and great glory and that glory will light up the sky with the reflection of its brilliancy. He will, I understand, send angels before Him to sound trumpets calling the saints who are alive, away from the earth to meet the Lord in the air. The Lord will bring with Him from Heaven all the saints who have gone there. He will give them a resurrection body to appear in and at the same time will give a similar body to the saints that are alive on the earth. All will meet and greet in the air away from the inquisitive eyes of those who despised and rejected the Lord and His riches in glory. Then the marriage supper of the Lamb will take place, when those who are worthy are wedded to Him never again to be separated from Him. Gifts will be distributed in proportion to the faithfulness of those who during their life on earth had manifested varying degrees of Love and loyalty to God’s claim. I believe He will put His approved servants into position of authority during the Millennium in proportion to the ability they have developed during their time on earth when entrusted with talents. Having been given Resurrection bodies, similar to the Resurrection body of Jesus, I don’t believe they would again part with these bodies, and would live in them during the Millennium in much the same way Jesus did with His resurrection body after He rose from the dead, and held converse with the different ones who were privileged to see Him.


After the wedding supper has taken place, and the Lord has distributed His rewards and appointed His servants to their posts of privilege, I believe all will then return to the earth and begin to restore order and administer a reign of righteousness. During which time all rulers who have failed to rule righteously will have to resign and give place to Christ and His servants who constitute His bride. I don’t know whether the Lord will set up His headquarters in any particular place or whether He will appear and disappear – guiding and helping His servants as they may have need of His superior knowledge. At the end of the 1,000 years things should be so put in order, that there will be a readiness for the final wind up or balance sheet of the world, and then God’s own people will go to live with Him, after the Great White throne has been set up and sinners commanded to part from His presence. Referring to your question as to whether the Lord will be seen by the natural eye when He comes again, I’m sure His saints will see Him and will be able to recognize Him by the prints of the nails which will help us to remember the great love He had for us in giving His life. When the saints are called away from the earth to meet Him, there must be a feeling of awe and dismay among the sinners who are left behind in suspense. Trust we may be able to live in the spirit of watching and waiting until He comes.


Your Bro in Him,


John Sullivan