John McCracken – Seven Lies Satan Tells to Deceive – Glenn Valley II Convention, Langley, British Columbia

1) Sin is not serious.


– We live in a world where sin is taken very lightly. But remember – we also live in a world where God is taken very lightly. Sin will keep us out of heaven. So yes, it’s that serious.


– The things we feed in our lives are the things that will become strong. If you are feeding on something you know to be wrong, it will become stronger and stronger, and you will fail.  


2) There’s no harm in it!


– Not everything in the world is wrong or bad. There’s also nothing wrong with white bread – but we all know whole wheat is better. People who are concerned with what goes into their bodies usually choose whole wheat. Be concerned about what goes into your soul, and choose what is more spiritually edifying.


– Oftentimes, sports, activities, clubs, and such are ok! But, to make it work, be committed to making sure God comes first, 100% of the time. If anything infringes on this – you know it’s time to back out of that activity. The people you associate with at school will only be with you for a few years – probably only until you graduate. God is with you forever – who do you care more about pleasing?  


3) Go ahead and do it… after all, God will forgive you!


– How can God forgive if there’s no repentance? And how can we truly repent if we know that we did it on purpose?


– Many people assume that repentance is something that we decide to do – it’s not. Repentance is a gift from God. When God sees that we have an honest heart, he will grant us repentance. Can we truly, honestly be sorry for doing something we were fine with doing – knowing full well it was a sin?


– Why do we think that forgiveness is easier to get than permission? If we know we would never get permission – why do we assume that we will automatically get forgiveness?


– We can’t manipulate God to forgive us. How can an honest heart have manipulation?


– When we take deliberate steps to exit God’s will, we enter a road that is no longer of our timing. It could take years to get repentance – deliberate sin costs years.


– Yes, God will forgive us. But, deliberate sin has a very high price on it. Satan is right in saying that God will forgive – but he neglects to tell us the price.  


The Price for Deliberate Sin


1) Our secret life with God is nothing. When we’re not right with God, He doesn’t speak to us.


2) We can no longer feed our soul. Maybe we look to other things to fill that void? (More intentional sin?)


3) We begin to feel alienated and out of place with God’s people. We feel like an inward hypocrite.  


        – Can we now see why people who choose their own way often lose out?  


4) This might not even be the right way!


– Don’t be deceived about what is the truth. Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”


– Christianity is right – don’t throw it away for anything else.  


5) You have lots of time!


– Don’t be deceived. We have absolutely no idea about how much time we have left. If we have anything in our life that isn’t right with God, now is the time to make it right. If we haven’t yet been granted the gift of repentance, now is the time we need to beg for it.


– On our gravestone, two numbers will be seen, indicating our birth and our death. The only thing that we control is that little dash between them.  


6) You won’t reap what you sow.


– Nope. We will reap exactly what we sow. Where we are right now, is from the choices we have made thus far.


– Sowing doesn’t take much time – but we will reap the harvest from it for all eternity.  


7) The Judgement isn’t as serious as it sounds.


– At the Judgement, we will have no excuses. The only ones present, will be God, Jesus, Satan, and (fill in your name here).


– God is the Judge, Jesus is our Defender, and Satan uses what we’ve done against us as ammunition. Don’t give him any more ammunition for that day – he already has enough.


– But – this day needn’t be feared!


– On Judgement Day, “Well Done” will mean much more than “Well Said.”