John B Milford – Letter to Texas

Just wanted to share with you our visit with Cory Stewart in prison this past Saturday in Oklahoma. I have been corresponding with him the last 2 years. So it was just great to finally meet him.


Perhaps you know some of his story, but I’ll just kind of briefly outline it. Cory had started drinking when he was 9 years old. (You can imagine that his family life was awful.) When he was 19 or 20, he tried to end his life. In the attempt to end his own life, he was very drunk and shot at some squad cars, which resulted in a police chase. He didn’t kill anyone or hurt anyone, but they gave him 86 years in jail. He said he understands why he got the sentence.


He heard about the Truth after he was in prison when a professing girl he had gone to school with (in Wisconsin) got in touch with him by letter. He is 25 years old now. To me, the most amazing thing about him is that obviously God has been working with him and has given him of His Spirit. Prison is quite an unusual place to have such wonderful fellowship, but Kevin and I did experience it. It was quite humbling for me to realize that SO much I have taken for granted and been lax in.


When we left, I couldn’t help but think as Paul said, “Thanks be for God for His unspeakable gift.” I am thankful to God for experiences that make us love the new creature more and more. The “old man” doesn’t seem so appealing or attractive anymore. Long to see further than the moment.     


Just wanted to share the following poem with you that Cory wrote that is quite something to me.


Hope all is well with you.