Graeme Taylor – Burdens – special meeting – c.2023

Mention was made recently, from [1 Samuel 17] about the burden of all the armour and weapons that Goliath had.


David’s older brother, Eliab tried to put the burden of guilt on David, but that didn’t fit this humble lad. Saul tried to put the burden of his armour on David, but that didn’t fit either. David had the freedom of coming to that battle ‘in the name of the Lord’! That thought led to the freedom of being in the yoke with Jesus. Hymn 329 v4, says “Bind me in Thy yoke Lord Jesus; Other yoke would heavy be. Selfish freedoms are but bondage, In Thy truth is liberty.” So, it led me to think about some people with burdens that are mentioned in the bible. Burdens like the ones we find ourselves carrying. Peter’s advice was, 1 Peter 5:7. ”Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”


Some of Joseph’s brothers had the terrible burden of envy and hatred in their hearts. While Joseph, even in that environment, had love and respect for, and obedience to his father, a love for truth, and a relationship with God.


What freedom! A freedom that helped him accept whatever came his way, as he always chose the will of God.


Hannah came to the place of prayer with the burden of great sorrow, caused by her adversary, but she left that place with the freedom obtained by sacrifice. I am glad we can remember that kind of freedom and peace, when we gave to God what He asked of us.


Naaman’s wife’s maid lived with the burden of captivity, caused by the choice of others, but she was feeding her heart on the greatness of God and all that He could do. She could have been thinking that this great God could or should get me out of this place, and back to where I have a right to be. But no, the freedom of her heart caused an overflow of the things she had been feeding on. She spoke of the greatness of God, and it brought cleansing to Naaman and heavenly fellowship to her in that place. Someone else knew of the greatness of God.


Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah all shared in the burden of captivity and persecution, but Daniel’s purpose to keep himself undefiled brought him, and maybe ‘them’, closer to God. Daniel and his three friends had a freedom, even from the fear of death, and the fear of what others would think or say. This caused Jesus to be revealed in the furnace, and God to be glorified at the lion’s den.


Jesus, we know, had the burden of sin. My sin. Your sin. Our brothers’ sin. The sins of all the world. There was no freedom from that burden for Jesus, even through the time when His Father had forsaken Him, even to the death on the cross. God planned it that way. What else would move our heart to love Him so deeply, that we would lay down our lives for Him, as He has done for us. What else would help me to understand what He has done for me! The very thing I needed. The very thing I need yet. I could not do it for myself. I cannot do it for another. No one else can do the same for me. Jesus bore that burden of my sin even to the death of the cross, that I could have such freedom and cleansing from all that would separate me from God. Jesus rose from the grave with the freedom and joy of God’s approval – Jesus’ sacrifice was accepted!


Jude 1:24. “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.“


Hymn 384 speaks of “Cleansing for Me”. So many things to be cleansed from; Guilt, doubts, fears, the care of what men think or say, fearing to speak, sing or pray. What a wonderful song we can sing to our redeemer! “Cleansed by Thee, Cleansed by Thee”.


“My freedom is Thy grand control!”