George McNabb History

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13-5-76. As you desired a little of our early history as regards us being brought into the most vital things in life – As such experiences of others in this respect encourages me so much, I ‘ll try and pen a little of our deliverance. Our parents were Presbyterians, following on £ by scotch tradition. We being a large family wore brought up with a reverance for God and had family worship of a Sunday night, singing hymns and father read a portion of the Bible and prayed. We attended church services when held in the district once a month – also Methodist services when hold. We as children were sent to a united Sunday salool and as we became older became members of the Presbyterian church. This meant we could partake of communion when held once a month in Orange. But for myself, and perhaps others too, the real purpose of life was still a hidden mystery to me. The war being on at this time perhaps made one more unsettled. Then in April 1917 two ladies came along and invited us to Gospel meetings in the hall. Lottie Wix and Emily Taylor. At first sister Maggie and I went along perhaps more out of curiosity, feeling they couldn’t do us any harm anyway. In time others attended – perhaps 30 and 40 from around at different times. On being to a few meetings one was drawn to hear more. The mission continued for 9 weeks, mostly every night except Saturday, when the hall was otherwise engaged. Anyway, one was caused to realise with all our profession and the respect of those around we had nothing of God – and that God was offering so much moved one to obey His call. His lovey( moved Mother, Jimmiepi, Maggie and myself to begin life afresh with Aim. Other 3 of the district also confessed it as the Truth of God but didn’t continue to prove Him. Also our father but he being an elder in the Presbyterian church and a good name, and being influenced by the parson was unwilling to be humbled – and then became bitter towards the Truth. Our other brother Willie was away at the war and outsider wrote him of the upset in our home and he, to find comfort, left the Presbyterian and followed on in the Plymouth Brethren doctrine. I might add, J. Hardie came for two meetings towards the end of the mission – up till then we never heard of many other preachers or saints in the world. Lottie commenced fellowship mtgs in the home. They had mtgs at 5 other places that year but were unable to help any. – but came to our aid when possible. Other members in our family decided as they became older. Gordon went into the work in 1931, Dan in 1936. Maggie and I went to our first Convention in 1918 at Mr Pinchens place opposide side of Guildford to where conventions were held later. We were baptized with others in Georges River during Conv. We were told the first Cony held in N.S.W. were at Rooty Hill. Mother and Jimmie were at the first Conv held at Mr Rodwells place at Shadforth in 1918. And in 1919 there were no cony on account of the flu. 1920 last Corry at Shadforth – then moved to Watta in 1921. Now the mission at Shadforth held by Dick McClure and Jack Draig held in an old cottage was in 1911, with a number deciding but only few continued to the finish. Prior to 1918 Bill Lawry decided at Shadforth – then early in 1918 Duncan McLachlan and Reuben Bennett held mtgs in Lucknow hall where Alice and some others decided. Duncan went into the work in 1904 in Scotland and passed away 1919 at Shadforth – aged 2 42 yrs. Reuben decided in 1912 at Garra and went into the work in 1914 , mission held by Dick McClure and Claude Billings. Lottie decided in 1909 in N.Z. and was a while in Victoria before coming to N.S.W. In 1926 her brother George and her went to Switzerland and pioneered the work there. Emily Taylors first year in the work was in 1916 with alio Sadlier when Mr and Mrs rielding decided. Now this is only a little – after 59 years one forgets many things but the love, mercy and dealing of God are very precious and one wouldn’t like to forget all that leads up to the best that’s yet to be. So may we cleave to God at all costs. Nothing matters but Salvation. Love from Pa.