Doug Neale – Western Australia Convention – January 1932

I Kings 22, the finish of Ahab’s life. Three years without war between Israel and Syria. How long would we go on without fighting against the enemies of our soul?

When God could no longer use Saul’s life, He left him to be a tool to shape the life of David.

Joseph schooled in difficulties. Three years with­out a war and such is disastrous to any soul. The two kings talked about the part of the inheritance that was in the enemy’s hands, and they both decided to fight for it, for that was the only way to regain the lost possession. Zedikiah made him two horns of iron and said that with these they would prevail, but this was only an outward power against the enemy.

Ahab made a good out­ward show of reigning, when all the time he was slipping. No man can prevail over his enemies when there is hatred in his heart towards the prophet of God. God does not stop people from taking their own way when they are bent on it.

King Jehoshaphat seemed bent on going with the king of Israel. The Lord’s prophet said to them he saw Israel scattered like sheep without a shepherd. They had no master. It is easy for the enemy to spoil us when we are divided.

God had a plan to lay Ahab aside. The Lord’s prophet had a vision of the Lord reigning on high with the host of heaven to encourage and strengthen him. It is the fight that proves what we are. Ahab was only disguised, but the battle made it known; he tried to appear a king but all the inward part was weakened, and so he fell in the battle.