Dorry Penny – Watch

“We ourselves a watch are keeping.” Our Master encouraged us to watch. Habakkuk. Chp 2 v1. Stand upon the watch. Set me upon the tower. When I’m reproved. We must have a watchtower in our own lives. When we are reproved, human reaction is the first one. Correction is not rejection nor punishment. God corrects us to save us from punishment.

Isaiah 5. Vineyard. Tower there, but when danger came, what happened was in the vineyard, not an outside force. It was reverting to its old nature. Wild grapes.

We need to be in the watchtower, watching our human nature, our desires etc so that we do not spoil the fruit or rob the work of God.

If we are praying we will be shown what to watch for.

If we are watching we will be shown what to pray for.’

Ready for His return.

Floods were coming up. Watchmen were watching the floods rising so as to warn others of the dangers. Floods of ungodliness. We must know how to watch and pray and keep ourselves safe from the dangers that would spoil the fruit in our lives.