Dorene Crotty – Milltown 2 Convention – Morning Meeting, Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hymn 386, “Christ for Us”

Jesus spoke, Jesus resurrected…those are miracles. We received Christ within.

Acts, “…up through you into Heaven….” / Revelations 1, “… all kingdoms see Him…” Jesus knew He was going to be the lamb and was going to be hated and despised by you and me. He was going to bring hope and salvation. The first coming was when we accepted Him into our hearts.

Revelations, “… every eye shall see Him.” We’re thankful for His resurrection. We should see Him as our Redeemer and our Savior – from a lost eternity. We are thankful that He gave His life for us.

In Luke, He showed His Father’s business. Don’t turn your back on the Lord. He will come to us in the clouds. So, we need to be looking upwards. Never once did He transgress. Jesus never once glorified Himself, but glorified His Father. He didn’t fulfill His own desire. This was God’s plan (for Jesus to die in His prime / for Jesus to be who He was).

We shouldn’t be ashamed to be with His fellowship. The will of God was complete in Jesus. We need the will of God constantly. We have the greatest privilege because we are counted with the faithful few. We have the liberty to serve and love Him while we’re here. Put our lives in order for His return. We are a separated people. We should acknowledge that we’re God’s people. To whom shall He come? And, what will we have when he comes? We should always accept Him.

Our eternity matters. He wasn’t contaminated with anything evil, but He came to an evil world to save us. His bread, His life, the wine as we partake…His blood. We’re here to glorify God (not ourselves).