Doreen Crotty – Milltown 2 Convention – Afternoon Meeting, Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hymn 380, “Search Me, O Lord”

Psalms 139, “God is a heart specialist / a heart surgeon.” Like in life – there’s a lot of pain and suffering and with God’s help, we will heal. We need to have a heartbeat of heaven – having God remove any hardness to replace it with tenderness. A soft heart is like the heart of Jesus – of grace and truth. The depth of one’s repentance can make a heart even softer (i.e., David).

Ezekiel 11, God will give them the land of Israel. He will take away the stained heart. He can take out the stony heart. Have our heart in the right condition. He does speak to our hearts. God still has love for a perishing world. A soft heart will go all the way with Him with the spirit of Christ in us.