Dale Benjamin – Four Homeless Children – Manhattan 2 Convention, 2007

He told us that he has become acquainted with four homeless children. These four homeless children need a home, and if we take them home with us, we will have the best year ever. These four homeless children have the same last name of “never.” Never criticize, never defend yourself, never stop rejoicing, and never give up.

These four homeless children have a father and mother, but these children are starving. The father never has time to meditate, and the mother never has time to read and pray. They are homeless because they don’t get fed. If you take them home with you and feed them, they will change your life.

The child named “never criticize” has a favorite verse and that is Matthew 7:1 about not judging. Feed this child and it will change your life.

The next child “never defend yourself” is found in Acts 7 where Stephen was stoned to death. He didn’t cast stone back. He asked that this sin not be laid to their charge. If you are right, you don’t need to defend yourself. If you are wrong you can’t defend yourself.

Jesus saved the world by taking the wrong. He never defended himself. When we feed this child it makes life so much more simple. It eliminates arguments and fighting. When it says that they would do greater works than raising the dead, that was in the fact that it takes a greater power to not defend ourselves when someone cuts us to pieces.

The third child is “never stop rejoicing”. This child has the favorite verse in Philippians 4:4. The key is rejoice “IN THE LORD.” When we do that we will ALWAYS find something to rejoice in no matter the situation we are in, no matter how bad it may be. You will never come to the place where you won’t find joy if you rejoice “IN THE LORD.”

The fourth child is “never give up.” When we can’t do something the first thing in our nature to do is to move the goalposts. If a man strives, he can’t be crowned unless he strives lawfully. DON’T MOVE THE GOALPOSTS. This child has a verse in Philippians 3:4: Press toward the mark. Don’t move the mark. You can ask the Lord to move you a little closer to the goal, but you can’t move the goalposts. Proverbs 24:16 This man gets up and tries again. Even the righteous fall, but he gets up again.

If we feed all four of these children, then it will bring the older brother into our home, and that brother’s name is “never sinned” ….and his name is Jesus. If we take these four children into our home and feed them we will have the best year ever. As we go forth we join hands in spirit……be lambs…..the world needs lambs. Go forth lambs…..”go lambs, go!”