Charles Vaughn – Special Meeting Thoughts – May 10, 2020

Enjoyed reading some in Hebrews 12 again. There are quite a few things we can do as we run the race that is set before us. The most important one is to keep focused on Jesus – the Author and Finisher of our faith. We don’t have to look behind us while we run if we look at Jesus because He is ahead and has finished the course we are running now. He made it in spite of great obstacles and we realize we won’t have to face what He faced while we run the race. There are some parts of the race that don’t require speed but rather endurance! Jesus endured the cross, He endured a contradiction of sinners against Himself and we are asked to endure the chastening of God. There is a good bit said about receiving correction. One thing that helps us to endure chastening is that we realize it is given because God loves and cares for us as sons. No chastening seems joyous to us but it is what it brings afterwards that makes it worthwhile – the peaceable fruits of righteousness.

Other things that will help us run the race:

(1) Make straight paths for your feet. If we follow the same course Jesus took, that will be a straight path! If there is any lameness in us, that will heal us.

(2) Keep the Lord in view always. We do that by following peace with all men. Otherwise, the Lord is hidden from our view.

(3) Be careful of roots that could trip us and make us fall – the root of bitterness can spring up and not only trip us up but others, too!

(4) Don’t be so sure of victory that we wake up too late and realize we have lost the prize. Esau would have inherited the blessing but lost it because he trusted too much in the birthright that was his as the first-born. He felt that entitled him to the prize simply because of his place but he lost his place because he began to value what fed his flesh more than what fed his spirit. No amount of tears could restore what he had lost.

We need to endure to the very end that all that has been promised can be ours in eternity.