Charles Steffen – Thoughts – Freedom Convention – Saturday morning, August 11, 2007

Hymn 395


Matthew 13:24, the Lord is willing to sow the good seed yet today. The Gospel is a little seed with wonderful possibilities. It’s sown in the hearts and the results are eternal. He is looking for fruit. While men slept, there was another sowing.


A battle can be won or lost by neglect. Neglect is not the same as rebellion, but it ends in the same thing.


The enemy is watching for carelessness. The enemy wants to sow a little seed of wrong in our hearts. A big work the enemy is doing, from a little seed.


Discouragement can be fatal. Wrong doctrine seems plausible. A wrong spirit can bring death. The work of the enemy starts with a tiny seed. Others didn’t see the tares, but the servants saw something else was growing. Pull it up? No, it’ll disturb what is right. Even though there’s things surrounding God’s People, we can be right. Struggling for right strengthens it.


Don’t let wrong be sown in our heart. Don’t hinder what will strengthen what is right, by taking out the wrong. “Gather my wheat into the barn!” God didn’t say, “Gather the soil, it produced good wheat.” No. “Gather the wheat.”


Nothing of the wrong seed was gathered in. The harvest would be to His Honour.


Proverbs 24, “field of the slothful.” Verse 30, the greatest of enemies to face is the lack of diligence, the lack of being exercised, other care and concern letting the good be crowded out.


There were carrots in the garden, sown thickly, and the carrots that were pulled out were 100% good, nothing was wrong with them. But if they weren’t pulled out, the others wouldn’t develop. There are not enough hours or days to attend to all we’d like, but they’ll crowd the best. The Lord wants the best to be attended to.


Watch and pray! Be awake! Habakkuk 2, “I will stand upon my watch and see what He will say unto me.” Nothing is as important as the things of God.


Matthew 24:42, the first watch, second watch, etc. The enemy could come when they were sleeping – need to watch. We don’t know when the Lord will come, when NEED will come. Matthew 24, “Know not what hour your Lord may come.”


Revelation 21, “The bride has made herself ready.” Take advantage of our todays. One of the enemy’s most effective weapons is tomorrow. “Someday I’ll serve God or do this or that which is right.”


Chapter 25:1, be careful about the little seed the enemy would sow in our heart. “Our lamps are going out.” They let the seed of carelessness take place in their heart. The seed was allowed in their hearts.


The wise were not selfish – we don’t share the precious things of Heaven with someone else. We have to pay for the oil of God’s Spirit OURSELVES!


Verse 2, nobleman. “Occupy till I come back.”


Verse 3, goats divided from sheep. There’s a then coming for all of us. God is giving us a vision now and we have to prepare for it! Seeds of selfishness and self-interest were allowed to grow in them.


A seed of wrong doctrine was NOT going to come into the house of a young couple, when their relatives got into some wrong doctrine. They made it clear that the wrong doctrine was not going to come into their house.