Charles Leeper – First Speaker at the Funeral Service of Albert Gallichan – Tuscaloosa, Alabama – October 6, 1993

I am very grateful for the privilege that is mine today to be here to pay my last respects to our brother Albert. I was at Paris, Tennessee convention grounds and knew that Albert was supposed to be coming there and counting the days and was so looking forward to seeing him again. But the Lord thought otherwise.


I like to think about Albert; we have known each other for 47 years; we went into the work about the same time. Albert then came to France to labor 45 years ago and we have labored together for those years. Being together as companions drew us closer to each other. Sometimes we were together in lonely places; sometimes no one would come to our meetings. Friends often would distribute invitations to gospel meetings, sometimes going from village to village, town to town to try to get people interested in their salvation.


I like to think of the verse in Proverbs 18, last verse, “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly. There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” When someone gave me the news of Albert’s death, this verse came into my mind. Albert showed himself a friend all through his life and because of this, he had many friends. Our staff and friends in France and Belgium would be with us today if possible. A friend sticketh closer than a brother. Albert was a friend to us. We can confide in and talk with a friend. This is how it was with him all those years; he was a great friend. I appreciate all his help to me those 45 years as a brother and companion. He really meant much to me, and I am going to miss him. We appreciate so much his counsel, help, his guidance, and friendly spirit.


Then I thought during the night when I wasn’t sleeping of what Jesus said to His disciples, “Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly at heart”. This yoke is like God’s spirit. Two animals can plow together, work together, more closely attached by the yoke. God’s spirit has been with us and has helped to attach us closer and closer together. I thought of the conditions of Albert’s death; he passed away at the convention ground; what better place to be able to minister to the people of God. How much he tried to be a help to many people. Sometimes we had the privilege of meeting one or two people here and there who received the gospel, and these became very precious. That helped to bind us even closer together. Now he has gone into eternity with a wonderful testimony; I fear for myself; I hope to have a testimony as he had – one whom we looked up to and respected so.