Celia Paddon – Milltown II Convention – Morning Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 202, “O Help Us, Lord”




Hymn 371, “My Life is Hid” (Verses 1, 2, and 4)


References about sanctuary / thankfulness for prayer. Through prayer – it can be one’s only way to reach God’s heart.


Psalms 73:17 / Genesis 3, Adam and Eve were faced with a choice. Be thankful for the power of God (for He meets our needs). Jesus in the garden – when He passed the cup (“not My will but Thine”). The road that was true, right and holy is the road Jesus took.


Satan disturbs our prayers with worry, fear and self-righteousness. God will take us down a road that is right.


Hebrews talks about “the minister of the sanctuary.” When you feel the need for love, we can go to our sanctuary. It is His plan we don’t have to walk in darkness, but in light – so that it will cleanse us from all sins. “We’re a joint-inheritor” of the riches of heaven (eternal life).


People who are cruel – they “know not what they do”… they don’t know the big picture. Perhaps that is their way of building a wall of not letting love in. We can ask for forgiveness in others and in ourselves. Intercede for others and pray for others.


John 17:11 (“…these in the world…keep…”) Jesus knew God wanted nothing more than to keep His own. If Jesus prayed and asked for things for others, we can do the same in the safe sanctuary.