Carol Dutton – Milltown I Convention – Afternoon Meeting, Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hymn 381, “Heart and Purpose” (Carol’s choice)

God isn’t asking us to settle for something less. He has chosen our place for Him. “Focus less on the vehicle and more on the destination.”

Luke 16, the rich man relaxing while Lazarus was outside gathering. The first time on the other side, he was homeless. Point others and yourself to the homeland and the journey we have to make.

Revelations 22, the picture of the homeland is more beautiful than anything. The word of God is not bound. If we didn’t know anything else, but to be with Jesus – that is enough. Depart and be with Christ – the homeland. Funerals are a time of victory and rejoicing because they have gone home. When life seems dreary, His pathway leads to endless day – to home.