Carol Dutton – Convention Gems – Chelan and Edgewood, 2002

No matter how close we are to God or how far we might have strayed, there is always a right step to take from the place where we are. Unforgiveness is not an option if we want to be right with God.


Our spirit is one thing we can’t falsify -people see it, hear it, and feel it.


Prayer can reach places where human hands can’t touch.


I’m thankful for faith that takes us beyond our experience, love that takes us beyond the cost, and hope that takes us beyond our expectations.


God’s servants hold the light, but God Himself is the One who gives the sight.


Yearly feasting is not a substitute for daily feeding.


It is impossible to serve God without repentance.


If I love what Jesus hates, I’ll not enter heaven’s gate.


A sermon is from mind to mind, but the gospel is from heart to heart.


I would like to be more submitted and more committed this year.


I don’t ever want to negotiate with the Devil because we are no match for him.


One of the friends who was dying told us, during the last week of his life, “When you are going to another country, you need a ticket and a passport. Jesus has provided those. But there is high security at the gate. I have been going through my baggage to see if there is any unforgiveness, vengeance, etc., that would keep me from going through the gate.”


God works in a yielded heart; Satan works in the part we don’t yield.


The Spirit doesn’t come because of years or experience, but the Spirit comes by submission to it.


We don’t have to wait a long time to get submissive; it is something we choose.


Every morning I’d like to take a blank sheet of paper, write at the top, “I am willing for the following: ” then sign my name at the bottom, give it to God, and let Him fill in the rest!