Brandon Boller – Milltown 2 Convention – Afternoon Meeting, Friday, August 20, 2004

The word is sharper – we need to handle it with care.  God stretched the heavens and set the constellations in order; He is well able.  He wants to do a fine work, a careful work.


Jeremiah 17:1 – …“well able… to handle…”


Ezekiel 18:23, shows the heart of God.  Sinners will turn and their sin will be taken away.  He wants to work in our heart with His holy spirit (with a touch of a dove).  We should revere His power.


Titus – “earnestly contend the faith” (that was delivered to the saints).


Paul wrote to Timothy to say He should be a good soldier.  We’re called to contend with God.  How you prepare everyday is how you’ll perform in battle.


Two examples on how Jesus prepared (found in place of prayer):  1) Luke 6:12-13 – we need to have an earnesty and urgency that God will have for us.  2) Matt. 26:39 – Peter prayed for this 3 times – when the blood hit the ground.  He (Christ) never saved self, so the life He led can be trusted.  To serve God – you need complacency.  God will not accept 2nd best.  God longs to give us His greatness.