Bernie Pheiffer – The Coin – East London Special Meetings

Bernie read from Matthew 22:17, “Tell us therefore, what thinkest Thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?” The coin had Caesar’s inscription on it. He said, “A penny doesn’t have much value, but it has buying power because of the image of the king impressed on it. A blank coin is worthless and useless, and it has no buying power at all, just like our lives. It is because of the grace of God that His image can be impressed upon us and we can be of value in the Kingdom, and have power: buying power. We have great access to the Throne of Grace through the image of God in us, and we can obtain so much to enrich us. Money represents the earthly king and his kingdom. When God’s image is impressed upon our lives, we represent an everlasting King and His Kingdom, One who will be on the Throne forever.


When one is guilty of breaking the law, they must pay ‘an admission of guilt’ a fine, and then they are set free. Because of the image we bear, we can be forgiven and set free because of Grace: if we repent and admit our guilt. In any other country, the money has no value and no buying power. We must make sure we do not fall into wrong hands or wrong company in a strange country. There is no corruption in His Kingdom. He trusts us with His Image. We must not disappoint Him by doing that which is not fitting to the Image we bear. ‘Impress Thine image on me; fulfill Thy blest design, till others see upon me that beauteous Face of Thine.’


Don’t let the struggle die in us, but be willing to die in the struggle.

Kindness has never hurt anyone and it has never left a scar.

A little humility can save us a lot of humiliation.


Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter, feelings lie buried that grace can restore. Touched by a loving heart and wakened by kindness, the chords that are broken will vibrate once more.”