Barbara Huggins – Milltown II Convention – Morning Meeting, Sunday, August 22, 2004

Hymn 294, “A Life of Overcoming”

Genesis 49:16, sometimes we’re overcome and feel that we have more failures than victories. Sometimes the enemy wants to overcome. Jesus is the alpha and the omega and He is the overcomer. Jesus is our comfort and our strength…everyday and every hour – in thy Father’s house, where the provision is, where it is safe. Don’t hold back your problems. Tell it (them) to God and ask Him.

Ask for forgiveness. The people can’t do it (help forgive us of all sins), but God can. Miracles do take place in our lives. “The troops should overcome him, but he should overcome at the last.” We will overcome in the end with our right path that we’re on.


Deuteronomy 33 (About Dan) / Revelations, the 12 tribes. It’s a matter of growth. Take the right steps that God can help you. It’s important to grow with the willingness of God. We have to be healthy little children in order to grow.


John the Baptist – he grew. The Lord increased in stature. Have more fruit.