Letter – History of South Africa – April 22, 1944

360 Highland Road, Kensington, Johannesburg. 2094. Republic of South Africa. 22nd April, 1944. My Dearest Mother and Dad, Do you remember me telling you about Peter Rousseau? The man whose nephew died, and then Peter professed in our home. Re used to sing over the radio and had made quite a name for himself; just … Read more

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Letter – Guam – March 14, 2013

Guam is a beautiful island, but it really is in the middle of nowhere!! It took us five hours flying over the Pacific to get to Honolulu and another eight to get here. The amazing thing is that, after thirteen hours in the air, we are still a long way from solid land. The Pacific … Read more

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Leslie White – September 10, 2007

My dear co-workers, This is the letter that we all knew would finally have to be written but it is still with joy and sorrow.  “It is planned for me to leave the Colorado-Utah staff in January and go to the Illinois-Indiana staff.”  I cannot in word express the great appreciation I have for the … Read more

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Leslie White – 1st Oak Lodge Convention – Thursday afternoon, 2005

I have been thinking of God’s work in the different ones that He uses, and His work is never finished. Those men like Abraham, God called him out and promised him a land. He died an old man, at 175 years old and he was full, and God’s work wasn’t finished. He hadn’t received what … Read more

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Leslie White – 1st Oak Lodge Convention – Sunday morning, 2005

Hymn 245 In John’s Gospel; It’s a wonderful writing, John’s Gospel; the whole Bible is, and there’s no way to say how great it is and when you stand up to give your testimony – like the one brother mentioned this morning, “We can’t put it into words” then you understand that’s how it is … Read more

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Leroy L – Our Lot in Life – Cape Town Convention – 2012

That hymn that we were singing speaks about where our lot might be cast. All of us have a lot in life and that’s the condition under which we live. Some of it is out of our control, where we were born, how we were raised, conditions of the country we live in, the nature … Read more

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Leroy L – Letter of General Concerns – June 2015

Some have asked me what changes I see, in coming back to the US after 7 years away. I have heard of some cases of those who have been professing, mostly 3rd and 4th or even 5th generation of faithful families, who seem to be influenced by the age of tolerance in which we live, … Read more

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