Arnold Brown – York, NE Convention – 1988

Give your mind and attention to the day of Christ’s coming. The final great fulfillment of all things is drawing nigh. The bible speaks of three major events. Two have already passed.


When God brought the children out of Egypt, it was a major event, a great day for God’s people and a terrible day for the Egyptians.


The second major event was when they went into Babylon. It was a terrible day. Joel 2:11 and Zephaniah 1:14. The wrath of God was kindled against them. There was no remedy. They had to go into Egypt to learn. _________last Chapter, verse 5.


The next major event was Christ coming. It was a great day for the few who were looking for him and were prepared, but a terrible day for the others. Those who keep true come out on top. They will be hidden in the great and terrible day of the Lord. Keep true and patient. God will keep you through temptation.


There is only one major event left. The final great fulfillment of all things. It is getting nearer. Look for it, pray for it. Revelations 6:14 “Who shall be able to stand?” Revelations 7:9 is the answer.


Some time ago, I read in the paper where a group of scientists, businessmen, and other influential people met in Colorado to discuss the state of the world. They concluded that the whole human race is heading for a major crisis. The causes were greed, complacency, etc. It is utter confusion and every man has a different answer. There is nothing they can do. II Thessalonians 1:6-9.


First, there will be a falling away, a falling away of all standards of decency. In the 400 years before Christ, there is no record. It is a black picture. Even the priests were not what they should be. Malachi 2. They were no help, partial in their dealing and caused the people to stumble. There were only a few who kept true…Simeon, Zachariah, Elizabeth, etc. There was a falling away of God’s people, Revelations was written 60 years after Christ went back to heaven. From Revelations to our day, we don’t know what happened…a falling away? There were only a few left serving God.


There has been a revival of God’s truth in our day and generation. God’s way is established and prospering. There are 96 or 98 conventions in the U.S., 30 in Canada, 30 in Australia, and so on. Christ has a bride to come to now! In the dark ages, would there have been a bride to come to?


Don’t worry about tracing the truth back. The Jews could trace to Abraham and it didn’t mean a thing. God can raise up people from stones…we don’t need to trace it back. When we see God’s work in a people, we know it is from him.


It was the revelation of Jesus when we saw and heard the gospel. It will be a revelation when Jesus comes revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. (II Thessalonians 2.8) When we get a revelation of Christ, then the wicked is revealed too. We can see the difference, can see the wrong in a false way, etc. A lot of people will never see it till Jesus comes from heaven and then it will be so clear and simple…and too late.


Falling away: a decline in morals and standards, decency and honesty. Every one for number one. A terrible downward collision course…evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse.


The dress and spirit of the world says it doesn’t matter how you dress. We dress up for what is important to us. Don’t go to meeting in old Levis, etc. Don’t borrow from the world and then bring it into meeting. The world has nothing we need.