Ardythe Insco – Devon Special Meetings – November 25, 2006

Mark 10, the Pharisees questioned because of the hardness of their heart.

Good soil is soil with room for the good seed and nothing else. Legion must have had good soil – Jesus saw potential.

Proverbs 24:3, through wisdom is a house builded.

Matthew 7, those who heard and obeyed were wise. Planned to obey and make a stable house.

Pray – and we learn about God

Read – and we learn about Jesus

Obey – and we learn more about the Spirit

Luke 15, the prodigal didn’t know if he would be accepted as a servant but he was offering. He planned to obey. He had only room for his Father’s will so there’d be life – because he had a need. The older brother had a hard heart.

Do what we have to do when we find out, it’s for our soul. Listen with the intent to obey. The doing develops the fruit. When fruit finally resembles the seed, it’s time for it to be taken home.