Ann Bailor – Is Jesus In Our Ship

Mark 4:34 – end, when I was reading this chapter and reading of Jesus teaching the disciples, He was expounding so much to them and it must have been so rich. You can imagine how much it meant to them to help them understand the kingdom of heaven. Jesus’ life was made up of days. He obviously loved spending His days with the apostles, multitudes, and disciples. He was anxious to use that day to help every person He came in contact with there. It is so easy to take a day for granted. We are pretty casual about the days God has given us. Jesus understood every day was very, very precious and He knew He had a lot to do, what God had given to Him. He had a big day, but then He told his disciples, “Let’s go to the other side of the sea.” When they left with Jesus they took Him as He was into their ship. Have we taken Jesus just as He is into our little ship so He can help us? We are in the process of going from this life into eternal life. They took Jesus as He was. This is so important. It is very easy for us to just take the part of Him that we like. We can’t do that. We enjoy the meetings and enjoy life and life seems good. We have accepted Jesus into our lives and He is guiding our lives and we feel good about it, but then a storm arose.

Have you ever been aware how fast a storm can come? When living in a sea coast city (Pusan) on the 5th floor of an apartment building they felt secure even though a storm was coming. The storm tossed cars around and threw them into the lobby rooms. All the windows broke. We thought we were in a safe place because we were up above, but there was chaos for us, too. Storms come. I don’t have power against it. We don’t know how a storm will hit and which direction it will hit us.

This was a storm of storms. This sea was not new to these men in that ship. They recognised we are powerless against this storm, even though they had Jesus with them and were secure with that, but Jesus was asleep on a pillow. They had known the care and protection and love of Jesus and there had been storms of different situations they had faced, but this was different. Jesus was asleep. He knew the One that was in control of the storm so He could rest. Imagine having that kind of confidence! They went to Him and poured out their heart, feeling so helpless. Can you imagine the depth of fear and insecurity they were feeling? In the midst of a storm, you may feel no one understands what I am feeling. Other little ships were in the sea at that time. That is such a feeling that no one has faced a storm like this one that I am feeling.

A couple with two children – the 3 year old boy had diabetes. They couldn’t understand what was wrong with him. This was a terrible storm in that couple’s life trying to find what was the matter. Each of those parents was carrying a load that was far too heavy for them, and they got a feeling they were carrying that load alone. They were feeling, “Don’t you care where I am in this storm?” It was separating them. It is a fearful thing. Storms can do that. When that couple understood what was taking place, they began to pull back together again.

We get the feeling that nobody cares. Imagine feeling that way about Jesus and yet the storm caused them to doubt Jesus. In a storm, there is one who understands. Jesus is trusting the One who controls the storm so completely, so why shouldn’t I trust in Him also? With each storm we might be in Jesus is not very far away. Just for them to understand that Jesus does care and He is in control. First of all, He stopped the wind, and then said to the sea, “Peace be still.” It responded so completely. I love times in the midst of a storm. I could just feel there is no where else to look, but up. It is amazing how quick that storm can still down. It is because you have peace in your heart.

Jesus said, “How is it that ye have no faith?” Storms can teach us a lot about ourselves. Do you have faith in Me?  Do you trust Me that I can get you across the sea safely? But in the midst of a storm that is what is really shown what is in our heart. This is a time when our faith can begin to grow. I am going to trust Him more. When you begin to trust Him, then you feel whatever comes I am still a winner because if we go down in a sea and the storm takes us, I am still with Jesus, but if He chooses to still the storm I am still with Him. There is no losing if we are with Him.

Fear destroys our peace. We fear fear itself. We will fear something that we don’t hardly know what we are fearing, but we are afraid. I have felt this. It is simple because my faith is needing to grow. God allows the experience. He is faithful in helping us and teaching us. Then after that of what Jesus did they feared exceedingly. They had been with Him for days. They felt they knew His heart, but in the midst of the storm, and He could show His power over the storm, they saw this was a power they didn’t know He had.

Who am I following? On this journey of life and all of the storms that come…they will come and go, and then one of these days, we will come to the other side. It will be a wonderful experience to have realized we are there and Jesus was there with them. He had helped them in all of that journey. He was asleep at that time, but He was right there when they called Him. We could go along and sailing is smooth and maybe Jesus is sleeping, but as soon as we need Him, just call out and He will be there. We can look forward to the day when we get to the other side and get there safely. Just take Jesus into our lives and keep Him there, and don’t toss Him overboard. Just keep Him in the ship as He is and be willing for whatever He teaches us, and we will know a peace that passes all understanding, and we will know a joy that cannot be taken from us. Sometimes we get taken up with our little ship, but remember we are on the same sea facing similar storms and we can be an encouragement and a help as we continue to journey.