Andrew Abernethy – Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada – Sunday Morning, 1953

Luke 6:45, nice to have thoughts of God’s people as they meet on Sunday morning and also those who were alone. The High Priest offered first of all for himself then for the people. The scapegoat is like us, as Jesus took the load of sin. We live because of the mercy of God. The mercy seat was over the Ark of the covenant which contained the Law of God. In this verse it shows the kind of people who make Heaven. A good man, good treasure, good heart, and good fruit. David desired truth in the inward parts. “Pure religion, undefiled before God and the Father, etc.” James 1:27.
God’s business is the recreating of good men. God wants to show His workmanship. As we keep our eyes on Jesus and His good marks and desire them, we can become like Him. If God had shown us all our faults at the beginning, we should have been discouraged. Verse 20, “Blessed by ye poor.” The Lord is looking for needy people. When we understand the depth of our need, God can fill us. When we have the right condition of heart, God can meet your needs. One of the surest marks of a person losing out is when we don’t feel the need for counsel and fellowship. True humility is the knowledge that everything I have God gave it to me. Jesus went alone to the mountain because He felt His need. We can’t teach others anything more useful than to teach them to feel their need. Blessed are ye that hunger now. This is the real mark of a good man.
Luke 10, Mary at Jesus’ feet. Possible to let minor duties interfere with the making of a good woman or man. Blessed are ye that weep now. Peter wept. What is our reaction whenever we have failed? Is it a broken heart? The longer we are in God’s way, the greater our responsibility is, and the greater the wrongdoing and the sacrifice must be greater. It shall be forgiven them. A more honourable thing is to weep and pray for others who hurt God’s house or family. Joy cometh in the morning.
Verse 35, “Be ye merciful.” Humility is a golden quality of mercy and mercy is a golden quality of God. Act kindly to others because of the good in you.
Chapter 10, “Who is my neighbour?” Maybe we have been like the man the good Samaritan helped. Someone came and helped. Forgive, etc. Judge not. This is a heart quality too. Condemn not. We should dread the “holier than thou” attitude as a rattlesnake. Whatever we are will attract it again.