Andrew Abernethy – Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada – Friday Evening, 1953

Job 1, Job became acquainted with God in Uz. God never forgets the things we have done for Him and others. He is noted for His patience and endurance.
Many run in the Marathon Races, 26 miles with the Heartbreak Hills in the middle for an earthly prize and name.
In Holland, during a flood a man held onto a cable for four days. Hold fast to God’s safety line.
Verse 1 is God’s testimony about Job. Just is always just in the right place, fearing God, and giving thanks for benefits received. Verse 1, there was a man.
Verse 6, there was a day. If there is a person who is wholehearted, Satan has set his heart on him. The truer you want to be, the more your faith will be tried. The Father is looking even though we do not see. Good to remember the Lord trusts us. Keep that which is committed to thy trust.
Job 23, one of the worst things that can happen to a child of God is to feel “God has forsaken me.” Saul didn’t feel like this. Chapter 29, “Oh that I was in months past when God preserved me.” The storms in this Way of God will come. The greater the difficulties, the greater the pleasure the Lord takes in helping.
Chapter 31:13, “If I did despise the cause of my manservant or maidservant when they contended with me, what then shall I do when God riseth up?”
Verses 29 and 32, keep the door of your heart open to the traveler in God’s Way. Luke 11. Job’s friends were cruel in words because their judgment was wrong. Job’s mistake was he began to argue for his righteousness. Elihu said, “It is right to say to God.”
Chapter 34:31, we get wrong when we begin to advertise our righteousness.
Chapter 38, God came in a whirlwind because Job’s talk was without judgment. God blessed him because his heart was true. Sit tight and ride out the storm when you don’t understand.