Amanda Fulton – Portadown, Ireland Special Meetings – 2011

John 13, this tells of when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. We read here of the things He knew of the past and what He knew of the future. Then we read of what He did. He knew that He had come from His Father and that He was going back to His Father. He knew that His hour had come. He knew that Judas was going to betray Him. I wondered: What if I had known those things? If I knew I was going back to My Father? If I knew I was facing the Cross? If I knew that one of My disciples was going to betray Me? If I knew all those things, what would I have done? Would I try to persuade Judas not to betray Me? Would I try to sort out the past? Would I go to My Father and try to get Him to change His mind? He knew what was going to happen but He just went and washed the disciples’ feet. He gave another example to His disciples. He taught them another lesson. He could have talked about the future, but He just washed the disciples’ feet. He was showing them what they should do for others.
We were staying in a home and were talking about what we were going to do the next week. A little girl in the home misunderstood and thought we were going to do it that day. We explained to her but she said, “Why tell us about next week when you haven’t told us about today?” But for Jesus, that day was important for there were not going to be too many tomorrows. What are we going to do about today? Are we going to waste it thinking about tomorrow? Are we going to waste it thinking about the past? Are we going to spend today thinking about what we should have done? We are responsible for today. Jesus told us what to do. To wash each other’s feet. We need to live for others. We don’t want to waste today thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. We need to do something worthwhile. Let our heart go out to others as we journey with Jesus. We should think, “What am I going to do today?” Sometimes things happen that were not so easy to expect, but if we leave the future in the Father’s hand, we need not worry.