Alec Wright – Companions – Zimbabwe Shona

That verse found in Psalm 45:14 in the Shona Bible, speaks about friends, while in the English Bible it speaks of companions. The King’s daughter had good companions who went with her into the palace.
I thought of these companions we have in our lifetime. Old age is not a bad thing, but it’s often the friends that old age brings, who are not so pleasant: bad eyes, slowness of step, and being stooped over, etc. I was thinking of those companions, or friends, we take with us. Some are seen with the naked eye and others are not, but we know they are there.
I am so glad that God has designed His work so we have a companion with us. Four times during this past year, I didn’t have a companion and I missed having one. God’s design of this Way of His is very good. People of the world think they can improve on it, but His Way is perfect. When Paul was nearly finished with his race, he said, “Bring Mark, for he is profitable to me in the ministry.” A good companion can bring us cheer and hope and make us happy.
Alwyn’s grandmother never served God. She was married three times. She said, “My first husband the Lord gave to me, the second one I took for myself but the third, the devil gave to me!” Sometimes we choose things in life that are not God’s choice. It must be terrible to be married to someone you don’t love, or someone who doesn’t serve God with you. Be very careful whom you choose as your partner in life. Some can’t take their companions into the King’s palace, because they don’t think the same. Choose a companion who will be a help to you in serving God.
Jesus was with Peter one day, and Peter spoke to Jesus. Jesus said to him, “Get thee behind Me, Satan.” Someone was accompanying Peter that day, and Jesus spoke to that one. Peter had used very kind words, yet he didn’t use them at the right time. We wouldn’t have had a Saviour if Jesus had listened to Peter that day. Satan put those words into Peter’s mind.
Saul tried to throw the javelin twice at David. David was a beautiful musician, yet the beautiful sound of the music he played didn’t even enter into the heart of Saul, because of the strong companion who was with him. We can take some very bad companions into a little fellowship meeting, like bad thoughts and a wrong spirit, etc. As a result, it will keep us from hearing the sweet music in the meeting. When Saul went into the place where he gathered with David, he went in with a javelin. Is it any wonder that he used it?
God gives us an opportunity to choose the companions we take with us. What kind of attitude will we take? Ephesians 6:15 says, “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” It’s not good for any of us to go into a meeting with the intent to make war with our brother. We must not hate any brother or sister, no matter what has happened between us. Proverbs 28:24 says, “Whoso robbeth his father or his mother, and saith, ‘It is no transgression,’ the same is the companion of a destroyer.” Our companion could be a destroyer. Parents have done their best by their children and have given them their love, kindness, and care. But as parents grow older, the children should have a lot more care for their parents. They should speak peaceably to them as they care for them. If they don’t, they are robbing their parents. I have been glad to see parents in this country who are looking after their own parents.
There is one person whom we’ve visited with over the years, who is a good person but unfortunately, has always had one companion with them who constantly murmurs and is not very nice. I have only been with one other companion, a few years ago, who I can truthfully say I have never heard one murmur from. He doesn’t have this companion of murmuring about him, but seems always satisfied with what God sends him.
When Jesus was born, the angels came to the shepherds with a very nice story. It was, “Peace be to all men.” Angels often came with a good message to mankind during Bible days. I thought of that angel who went to Gideon and to Samson’s parents with a good message. If only we could have that kind of spirit that brings a good message. Many times, if there’s some kind of trouble, some always spread the story that others love to listen to. To have a companion like that is like a companion given us by the devil, who delights to listen and spread stories. He wants God’s people to be unhappy people. It is wiser to never speak of things we want to because of its effect on the kingdom of God. We must help and love each other.
Jesus came to earth with two companions — grace and truth. These companions were always with Him.
When we forgive others, it is truth joining with grace. We can then go right into the presence of God with these two companions, and into the King’s palace. Grace was poured out to that thief on the cross because his companion was Jesus. Truth was fulfilled in Jesus’ life because He had those companions with Him. To Mary, Jesus said (pointing at John), “Behold thy son,” and to John, (pointing at Mary), “Behold thy mother.” He wants His family to be a close family. The truth of God will bring us closely together like His wonderful grace that showed in His feelings toward His mother.
When Jesus left His disciples, He told them He would send them a companion, the Comforter. These disciples faced members of parliament and church leaders and weren’t afraid because the Comforter was with them. We will have this Comforter with us if we continue to go where God wants us to go.
When we sit in meetings, we feel so glad for what is said. We often hear words of thankfulness and gladness. If people are thankful, it’s nice to be in their company. We must make sure to have this companion of a thankful spirit when we go to meetings.
Who will you choose as your companion when you leave here? Will it be a companion from God or one from the Devil?