Alberta Convention Gems – 2006

Jesus did ALWAYS those things which pleased His Father. It is GOOD when we find our pleasure in the things that please God! You can always tell what people love by what they do in their spare time!
Daniel knew how to ‘trade up’ when he traded the King’s meat for pulse.  He was trading for eternity!
Abigail lived in difficult days and did much preparation in her common days, so she had what she needed for future days! (I Samuel 25)
Daniel and his friends found themselves in experiences greater than themselves – but NOT greater than the God in whom they trusted!
A part time preacher who heard and obeyed the Gospel, said that he could tell people ABOUT Jesus… but not about the WAY of Jesus.
Do you ever tell God that you love Him?? Every parent loves to hear their children tell them that!
Statistics state that 98% of Cornish shipwrecks occur because the vessel was too close to the shore. If our ‘Sunday’ friends and our ‘weekday’ friends are different, we are in danger of shipwreck.
In Switzerland, a worker was admiring the mountains and almost bumped into a little elderly man. Later the person he was with informed him that that little old man was the village’s ‘One day man.’ All of his life he kept saying that one day he would climb that mountain, like all of his fore-fathers had done, but that day hadn’t yet come and it was now too late.
Zechariah 4:10 Do we despise the day of small things? This sister often picked up nickels, dimes and quarters, when she was walking, but hesitated to pick up pennies. We may not be able to do much for this kingdom, but don’t hesitate to pick up the pennies! Little things count with God!
Experiences will come whether we pray or not but HOW we handle them will reveal whether we pray or not!
Be Careful!! What we let into our lives, we are letting into the kingdom!
The perfect work God is seeking to do in our lives is to make us more like Jesus. Imperfect experiences are the ones that help to perfect us.
Procrastination doesn’t leave room for the unexpected.
After visiting a wax museum, this brother was warned of the danger of having a perfect form but no life. Those perfect replicas of famous people could neither see nor hear nor speak. The way of God is planned to be a way of LIFE! Beware of ‘Words only,’ ‘leaves only,’ ‘name only,’ or ‘hearing only’ and not doing.
Divorce is a ‘symptom’ of a hard heart and no one enters the presence of God with a hard heart. Deuteronomy 8:2 – Experiences come that prove what is in our hearts. Keep your heart with all diligence and keep it soft!!
Spiritual poverty is when we are not rich toward God. It is the result of making no eternal provision for our soul. Proverbs 24:30-34
Sometimes our greatest failure is our failure to recognize our own need.
Sometimes we use our inabilities as an excuse for our unwillingness. Being willing to fit into whatever God asks of us is far more valuable than our ability.
The spiritual ladder is just a series of steps leading onward and upward into the presence of God.
John 17 God wants a united, separated, sanctified people! The wall of separation declares three things. – That this property belongs to someone, – It keeps out what is unwanted, – It protects what is of value inside. Lot’s vexation, over what he saw and heard daily, could have been avoided had he lived a separated life.
an observation – A valuable car was sitting outside of the garage because the garage was full of ‘stuff.’ It was far more valuable than all the ‘stuff’ in the garage. What about our lives and Christ??
The Simple Gospel story is the oldest story ever told… yet the newest story to the needy seeking soul! The colt wasn’t ‘bad,’ it was just ‘tied.’  We can be tied to many things… traditions, family, habits etc.
The end result of the Spirit of God at work is complete surrender to the will of God.
Luke 1:46-47 When Mary yielded her life, her spirit rejoiced and God gave her revelation and joy!
Jesus was ‘in the midst’ of the two thieves on the cross. One received help and one didn’t. Their response made all the difference to their eternity.
Our fingerprints belong to us. There are things that the fingerprints of God’s children should never be on. It is much easier to resist things than to try and deal with them later.
The gift of a child contains a soul that is far more valuable than anything natural you could ever give to it. Don’t ‘exchange’ anything carnal for your soul or the souls of your children!
God did expose David’s sin but He also manifested His ability to forgive and to restore! And when the Devil reminds us of our past we need to remind him of his future!
If some things were prayed about to the same extent they were talked about, they wouldn’t get out of proportion the way they do.
Example is the highest form of teaching and the kindest form of correction.
Luke 10:1-2 When the Lord Jesus pointed his disciples to the need in the kingdom, He pointed them to the place of prayer! This ministry begins in the place of prayer. God doesn’t call those who are able, He enables those whom He calls.
The ‘eternal cause’ – to reach the goal and gain the prize, is behind every experience. Jesus faced rugged, dark, steep experiences but never lost sight of the eternal cause. We need to look above the experience to the cause. He always knew that experiences would come and go but the eternal cause remained the same. Life here is made of light and darkness.  Only eternity is all light… or all dark.