Albert Sexton – Armor of God – Rochedale, Queensland, Australia Convention – 1967

A heart that is true to God and His purpose for our lives and it is God’s desire for us to develop. Are we dependable and reliable? “From His throne, the Father sees us.” We are under observation all the time. We could run in the battle, escape the hardships of the battle, but no victory is gained in that way. Stand at our place to watch the enemy as this seeks to offset God’s purpose. Hagar, for her it was a hard time in the home, the exercise of jealousy there and she got out and fled, and soon realized, “Thou God seest me.” Do we run in the battle or face it? Many battles in warfare. When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back to you. We are in the battle with the full equipment that is provided for us. A soldier doesn’t have to provide the equipment for the battle. We can have it all so we can face a battle with confidence.
Ephesians 6, put on the whole armor of God and that means put it all on. There is a provision by the forward trend and not the backward trend and we need to face towards God. “God with us.” We’ll accomplish what we desire. Give a reason of the hope that is in us. Get down to the fact that God is with us. His presence is with us and it is because we are obedient to all God has commanded. We are individuals and He is looking down from His throne and He sees every move of our lives and He will credit us for the purpose He we are doing things for. Necessary for us to be under the control of the Commander in Chief. What am I willing to enjoy for the gospel’s sake? Enjoy a lot and it is often from rebellion. Obedience is the easiest, safest and most victorious way out, obedience to His words and example. If Jesus had only told us, we may have an excuse but He was the example. When a child has difficulty in school, the teacher gives an outline of things and the little fellow grasps it straightaway.
Helmet, nothing very stylish, but shaped in harmony for the need, oval-shaped that would belie the bullet that would penetrate the head and mind. We have allowed thoughts, disturbing thoughts about others and it develops an attitude until there is warfare inside, instead of outside. An army would rather face 10,000 of the enemy they know than one traitor. Sleeping while on guard could be death and it’s not always easy to keep awake. Keep the helmet on and the right thoughts in our mind. Keep wrong thoughts out, separate the profitable thoughts from the unprofitable.
“Gird up the loins of your mind.” Do not let them scatter. Think of things and see how the wrong thoughts will go and they will not go if we meditate on them. If we are going to weaken anything, we do not feed it. God desires the motive behind the deed more than the deed. Safeguard our thoughts by keeping on the helmet.
The breastplate, protection for the heart, a vital organ in the human body. Motives and desires that are on the inside and you do not see the heart functioning. Our heart, purpose, and desires are all in the line so will be healthy and can invite the presence of God and enjoy His fellowship. The shield, it is a movable part. Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. The road may get rough and we cannot take it barefooted, we need to be shod for it. If we lack the provision, we will go under. Where I come from, the horses are protected by the law and they will find those who run the horses on the road without shoes.
Luke 22, the disciples were concerned about the natural protection above the spiritual protection. Verse 35, “When I sent you without a purse and you lacked nothing.” Verse 36, “But now, he that hath the purse, let him take it and likewise his scrip and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” “It is enough.” What? He was reckoned among the transgressors. They were depending on the sword instead of God’s provision for protection and that isn’t going to work in this warfare. Peter cut off the ear of the high priest servant. Jesus gave a reprimand, “Put your sword up, for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” The Holy Ghost doesn’t want to conceal deficiencies in God’s people. His purpose is to guard those following after and it explains God’s mind. Have God’s mind instead of acting in harmony with our thoughts. Seek the guidance of God’s Word and perhaps there wouldn’t be a performance in the way we are going.
The children of Israel had tests to prove what was in their hearts. If we destroy what He says and preserve what should be preserved, this is going to bring His approval and victory to every one of us. Value the privilege of being sincere. Beware of familiarity, it breeds contempt. Workers together, not independent and we are all in this service. Wonderful provision if we apply ourselves. Learn of God for the purpose of doing. Understand the school days are not for school days but for years ahead. The world seeks to drag us away, but the Lord only leads. Leading is as far as He goes. Wants us to act like soldiers in obedience to His commands. All that is going to work for any one of us is what is written in His Word. Get into our minds and do it. That makes it living. Before Jesus could walk or talk, He had a mother who was concerned. Before He could go in harmony with the scripture, His parents took Him to Egypt. Cooperate with plans already made, recorded and demonstrated in the life of Jesus and in His words. Do not serve in imagination. Amen.