Albert Moore – Thoughts on First Chapter of James – Picton Convention – Saturday Afternoon, June 24, 1950

James 1:1, good for us to remember that we are still just servants. We should value our privilege of being servants of God. It is nice that when our sacrifice is such that it is well pleasing to God.
James 1:2, count it all joy that you fall into diverse temptations.
James 1:3-4, it is good if we can exercise ourselves to have more patience. The coming of the Lord draweth near.
It is wise for us to be spending our time in a profitable way. We should see our privilege of getting ready now. The important thing is for us to put the most into it when we have the time.
James 1:5, it is good for us to be seeking wisdom. It is good for us to come to convention seeking something that will help us to be more to God in days to come. The wisdom that comes from God is pure. It is good to be seeking spiritual wisdom, not earthly wisdom.
James 1:8, we cannot serve God and man.
James 1:10, this is what causes us to realize the brevity of life. It is good for us to realize that the Lord longs to work on a soft heart. God is just as anxious to write on our hearts as He was on the tables of stone. Nice when there is just room in our hearts for the writing of God. There was just room enough on the tables of stone for the commandments of God.
James 1:12, it is good for us if we can be faithful unto death.
James 1:13-15, God tempts no man. A man is tempted when he is drawn aside by his own lusts.
James 1:15-17, we have nothing to give to God today that first didn’t come from Him. It is good to think of what will come after these meetings and to think of what we can take away.
James 1:19, swift to hear – slow to speak and slow to wrath. God would like to see the glory of His Son manifested in and through us. Nice if we can keep our eyes on the living God, not on the god of this world who will only blind our eyes.
James 1:22, there are many things that we can cleanse ourselves from when we are here and many more things that we can do when we go home from here.
James 1:27, when we talk to others about faults, we should see that the same fault is not taking place in our own lives.