Albert Joyce – Various – North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention – Friday Evening, July 3, 1936

Told a story about some miners who had worked faithfully at a gold mine for some time, but after a time they got discouraged and thought there wasn’t anything worthwhile. So they sold the claim to two young men and after they had just worked a very short time they found a very valuable gold nugget. Sometimes we may think God’s Way costs us too much, but if we could only see a little piece ahead. A woman in a Wednesday night meeting gave out the hymn, “I Know Not What Awaits Me For God Kindly Veils My Eyes.” On Friday she was in eternity. If we give out our own experience, we won’t say anything wrong. Hebrews 1 begins with God. We must start with God; must meet the ones who can lead us there. (2) God tries to speak to each individual through others. He might not be able to speak to us when we are alone. If we send a child to a neighbor for something and he is refused, then we are refused. Same with God. He has sent His Son into the world on an errand. He has spoken to us in the last days by His Son. Nice to have a desire for that which was from the beginning. Hebrews 2:1 God has made a new covenant. He wants a daily service, not only one day… the Sabbath.
It’s sad to be a leaking vessel. Don’t let the things we hear leak out. God has brought us together to anoint us afresh. God has called us into his family for service. God told Joshua that all the ground his feet trod on would be his, so we will just be rewarded according to our works. God’s service is a business, not a playground. When we are working for a mistress, we must have a good reason for not doing our work or duty. Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God is quick and powerful. It must be living in our own life before we can be helpful to others. We can’t help people beyond our own experience. The sword is for slaying the wrong things so that the right things may grow. It’s like a garden. We hoe out the weeds, not the plants. In my home there was a motto painted of an eye and the words: “Thou Seest Me.” He knows the very intents of our hearts. We will have to give an account of all God has given us. God is not unrighteous to forget our labour of love. Sometimes we forget the good things others have done to us. Sometimes we get lazy and have to be stirred up like the fire. Some were dull of hearing. Sometimes we think we don’t need to take time to go to the Meeting. We can’t afford to rest upon our oars. Job had no idea of the tests that awaited him. We don’t know what the enemy has planned. The snare is generally concealed. Convention seems to me like a watch. Some dust has got into it by use. If the jeweler finds it is really bad, he will take out the wheels and will oil and clean it and it will run well. It’s not a new watch, but he overhauled the old one. Hebrews 12:1, sometimes it might be more convenient for us to take our own way, but we might get fenced in and would be hard to get out again. I know of some who regret the place they have got into. No way of escape. Verse 2, reduce our thoughts and consider Him. Sometimes thoughts of ourselves get too exalted. Consider Him. If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him.