Agnes Guff – Afternoon Meeting, Special Meetings, Brockville, Ontario, Canada – November 29, 1936

Father looks down from Heaven on us. Sometimes, when we see our own hearts, we do not like to see God looking on us.
l Samuel 7, the Children of Israel were going astray. Samuel told them to prepare their hearts. Need of us to prepare our own hearts. They cast the things out that were wrong in their lives. The Lord gave them the victory.
The fear of people and the fear of being overcome often deceive us. David was able to overcome the enemy that was going to devour the little lamb. God often wants us to protect the lambs in his Fold and go into Danger for them.
Have the interests of God at heart. David went forth with the power of God. Good for us to be gathered together and showing us where we are. More willing to have a life to give to God.
Hymn 266