Adam Hutchinson – Part of a Letter

(This is a very old letter, all tattered – some parts so torn that you can’t read it any more. However what is still readable is of such value that I thought it well to share it with you)
…..If people go on like this, they get into a very unhealthy spiritual condition and it is not God’s plan that this should be so. Look at the palsied man: Jesus said, “Thy sins are forgiven thee.” When the Pharisees murmured, Jesus demonstrated to them that this man had got his sins forgiven: “Take thy bed and walk.” The bed would stand for excuses; how could he walk? Look at his past life! Why, it was impossible! But when he was willing to simply trust in Jesus as a child and shoulder all his excuses, never to use them again, to walk in His steps, in His light, in His forgiveness, in His service, not sit musing at home, get up and be doing, seeking to help someone else a bit worse than himself, and so we see this man proved he had his sins forgiven for he had a power he had not previously had.
…..Not to worry about your past. The past is under His Blood, the future is in His hands, the present is ours alone. Don’t fret about the past or worry about the future, do your best now, walk, and always carry your bed – excuses – with you. Had the women worried and wondered how they could roll away the stone they might have never got to the sepulchres but they did their best, they walked and carried their excuses with then, they found the stone rolled away. So you remember what I told you long ago, don’t be a “donker-kyker” (pessimist). It’s doing His Will from day to day that deepens His love in our hearts to care for others, and then we see and feel the awful need of precious souls, and seek to do our best for them and that is how our love grows deeper, truer all the way. It just means to rise and walk, whereas lying at home on your bed of excuses only feeds trouble, the little love you have wanes because it is only feeding the flesh.
……… If we are on the right path we will be a kind of misfit, no matter where we are: we won’t want the world and the world won’t want us. Jesus was such a one. He couldn’t please the world, He never tried, nor the religious people, nor the unsaved relatives, nor His townspeople – He was a misfit. But He will be King of Kings throughout the Eternal Ages. So was John the Baptist – he came neither eating and drinking. Jesus came vice versa and why did neither please the world? – the people were not born again. “Wisdom is justified of her children.” It is only the children of God who can fit in His testimony and every faithful soul will be a kind of misfit in the world, hence, “Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and speak all manner of evil against you, cursed are ye when men shall speak well of you.” When you see anyone profess to serve God and fit in with the world’s methods, fashions, spirit, and attitude, such a one will not be amongst those that John speaks of who shall be like Him when He appeareth. Don’t forget, to be a misfit in the world for Jesus sake means to be a good fit in Eternity. The nearer we keep to the Carpenter of Nazareth, the safer we are. Now, what will cause a person to be a misfit here? When they get the nature of Jesus. It is a bad sign when we see people, professing, more and more with the world. As we look at Jesus we see the misfit became more and more apparent as time went on until the opposers would not tolerate Him anymore, and so put Him to death. It does not mean that we will have to make ourselves do things ridiculous or odd, nor act foolishly. Jesus always acted becomingly, in a proper manner in all things. The spirit of this world is opposed to God’s Spirit, and will show fight every time it is faced up. Happy are the people that plead and pray to be more like Jesus and like Paul and are not ashamed to bear some of His marks in their bodies, even though they are cut by a leather thong, which Paul got while in prison.
Adam Hutchinson