Adam Hutchinson – Noah – Letter – from Madras, India – August 23, 1922

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am making this do for all as I have got your letters all right. Trust you all keep well and work to put your best into God’s interest. Every Meeting could be represented to what Noah did as he built the ark, as he brought another plank. Thus every meeting, we could get something more built into us that will enable us to rise above the floods of ungodliness, worldliness, selfishness, pleasure seeking, self-pleasing which seems to be drawing so many these days.
It was Noah’s past faithfulness all those years as he built the ark that made him an overcomer when the flood came, and it is our faithfulness all along the way, even though there may seem a sameness in the work, that will cause us to be overcomers when the last really comes.
As it meant labour for Noah to cut the tree down, haul it down from the hills and out of the gullies, so it will mean labour and toil for us to have something to give out at meetings. It is easy not to trouble and to let others do the toiling, but that won’t help us when the test comes.
There were as many women as men helping in the ark. For I am sure their wives would do their best, and so they got saved. We are saved by letting God build into us what will keep the floods out.